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Biometric Reader 91 50


Biometrics – unique, simple, convenient


The Kaba biometric reader 91 50 is ideally suited for access solutions. With the current Kaba design it can be integrated perfectly into modern architecture. Kaba access systems can easily be extended with this biometric reader. When connected to a Kaba access control system the Kaba biometric reader 91 50 provides unique, simple, convenient access control.







  • Simple, secure, easy to use.
  • Unique personal identification – biometric traits cannot be forgotten, lost, stolen or passed on to third parties.
  • Legal certainty – who booked in when and where.
  • Data protection – provided by non-reconstructable finger templates.
  • Cost saving.
    • Fewer erroneous bookings and therefore fewer corrections.
    • No ID cards and no ID card administration.
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems.