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Data Collection


Kaba b-comm ERP 5 – SFDC is a modular subsystem for registering job data, and supplements SAP modules PP, PM, PS, CS, and CATS. It registers and validates production-related data and transfers it to the relevant SAP modules. In addition to the standard package described above, there is a wide range of useful, supplementary modules which can make your SFDC system even more effective.






The system provides the following functionality:


  1. Collection and validation of time for set-up, processing, and shut down
  2. Collection and validation of order data (based on time events and time tickets)
  3. Collection of volumes produced, volumes rejected, and reasons for rejection
  4. Information notices for employees about order status, volumes produced, and volumes remaining
  5. Checking for over/under delivery
  6. Plausibility check for all online bookings


Optional modules:


  1. Registration automation
  2. Team
  3. Multiple order processing/multiple machine operation
  4. Time synchronization
  5. Simulation tool
  6. TRS WebTerminal BDE