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The ILCO ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) is an intuitive web-based access management system, designed for small boutique style hotels to large-scale, full service resorts that need to have a better control over their back office operations and that can rely on a system to provide secure access to their premises and accurate historical audit info.


ILCO ATLAS integrates into any hotel IT infrastructure and provides hotels with a user friendly and efficient method of managing & controlling access and collecting both system and lock data.






Kaba made the ILCO ATLAS system compatible with the most sought-after electronic locks on the market, Ilco’s Solitaire 710-II, Generation E-760 line, models 770, 790 and Q90. Moreover, the Remote Access Controllers (Model 4) and the Exit Device Operator E-730, 750 and 790E will also work with ILCO ATLAS.


PMS Interface


With a PMS interface, ATLAS can fully integrate into the PMS check-in procedure. Front Desk employees use only the PMS while ATLAS works behind the scenes ensuring keycards are correctly encoded and recording and managing all system activities.

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Security Features


  1. Time-based access control system with user selectable keycard expiry
  2. Keycard encryption: proprietary and unique to each installation
  3. Encrypted keycards using a proprietary encryption algorithm (the data on the card does not reveal the room number)
  4. Operator password required for any system operation
  5. Operator levels: 8
  6. Audit trail: unlimited keycard-making transactions, sorted by room, operator, or key type


System Features


  1. Property size: Maximum 16,000 rooms and 1,000 suites (maximum of 8 inner doors per suite)
  2. Common area: 8 guest and 16 staff common areas plus 64 additional common areas (V.3.1 with 790 V.2)
  3. Restricted areas: 200
  4. Staff Access Levels: 5 Sub-Master levels per lock: 255 sections, 255 floors, 255 areas, 255 groups, 255 zones
  5. Room# Description: 64 characters (alphanumeric digits)
  6. Keycards Validity: Selectable from one hour to 7 years
  7. Pre-registered Guest: Keycards can be made up to 10 days in advance
  8. Time Zone: Predefined time zones available for staff keycards in locks
  9. 8 customer defined time zones available for guest, staff & passage option in RAC card reader & 790-II
  10. Keycards: Low/high coercivity track 1, 2 or 3 magnetic stripe cards or Mifare Classic (4 byte NUID) Mini, 1K, or 4K RFID cards
  11. Keycard Handling: Motorized or RFID encoder
  12. Compatibiity: POS and PMS
  13. Number of Workstations: 50 maximum LAN/WAN
  14. Workstation Browser: IE 6.0 and higher
  15. Communication with Locks: Through the Kaba M-Unit