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Kaba pextra+


In the Kaba pextra+ lock cylinder system, key security (key and cylinder are patented) is significantly increased by a key profile produced with a special milling procedure which, greatly hinders manipulation. Kaba pextra+ is the premium dormakaba lock cylinder system for serrated keys and is suitable for sophisticated master key systems with maximum security requirements.


  1. International certifications
  2. Patent protection until 2032
  3. Protection against the bumping method
  4. Security card for proof of ownership for duplicate keys
  5. Colored key clips for organisation






International Certifications


  1. EN1303 Key Related Security Grade 4 for cylinders with 5 pins; Grade 6 for cylinders with 5 pins with the optional blocking pin and cylinders with 6 and 7 pins
  2. EN1303 Attack Resistance Grade 2 with appropriate door furniture or steel reinforcement plates
  3. DIN18252 grade 71 for 5 pins or grade 82 for 6 and 7 pin cylinders
  4. Meets the requirements of BS 3621 and PAS 24 when used with a suitable lockcase or multipoint locking system.
  5. Meets the requirements of Austrian Standard ÖNORM B5356
  6. Meets the requirements of VdS Grades A and B
  7. Suitable for use in fire and smoke protection doors


Patent protection


  1. The system is protected by Euorpean patent number EP2686510 until 2032.
  2. Certified against the bumping method; the patented centering pin hinders opening the cylinder with bumping keys.


Security features


  1. Anti-pick – overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins that protect against picking.
  2. Anti-drill – steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel to provide anti-drilling protection.
  3. Hard wearing keys providing long and reliable cylinder operation.




  1. Master keying – perfect for creating simple yet sophisticated master key systems, to control access for all users.
  2. You decide in in your master key system, which keys open which doors.
  3. Can form part of an electronic access control system.


Cylinder types


  1. Europrofile double, single and thumbturn cylinders with 4 knob options
  2. Nordic oval profile cylinders
  3. Untion oval profile cylinders
  4. Australian oval profile cylinders
  5. Rim cylinders for surface mounted door locks
  6. Screw-in cylinders
  7. Furniture and cabinet locks
  8. Camlocks
  9. Key switch cylinders
  10. Elevator control cylinders
  11. Padlocks
  12. Bible cylinders
  13. Portal double and single cylinders
  14. Window and door handles
  15. Key deposits and key storage