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Kentaur Tam Bot Turnikeler


Kentaur Full-Height Turnstiles and Full-Height Gates


These sturdy Kentaur turnstiles are especially suitable for reliably securing outdoor areas. When used in conjunction with card readers, they can reliably control access without the need for monitoring by personnel.


Thanks to its patented end point locking, it is impossible for anyone to become trapped in the event of power failure or attempted unauthorised access.


Kentaur full-height gates


With only one hinge door, the Kentaur FGE is predominantly used outdoors for barrier-free access, often in conjunction with a matching design of turnstile.


Kentaur full-height gates are also suitable for barrier-free access in outdoor premises.







Turnstiles for access control


The right combination of security, user comfort and personal safety.


  1. Users cannot become stuck thanks to end point locking
  2. Versions with integrated bicycle door, full-height gates for barrier-free access or as a goods entrance,
    an emergency exit function or in resistance class WK2
  3. Space-saving double units
  4. Modular combination of bars, roofs, guiding and barrier elements
  5. Lasting quality for indoor and outdoor installation
  6. Turnstile column and bars made of robust stainless steel
  7. Rotating speed adapts to the pedestrian
  8. Low-energy drive
  9. Low power consumption
  10. Behaviour in the event of a power failure can be freely determined
  11. Can be used in regions with harsh environmental conditions
  12. Integrated, parameterisable random generator