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The MUNDUS corner fitting series captivates due to its inspiring design, high-quality materials, and its meticulous workmanship. The fittings forego visible connecting elements between the base body and the cap as a design element. Thanks to its continuous, multi-dimensional adjustability, the door can quickly and easily be aligned when installed. It makes installation exceptionally easy!


  1. Clean design without visible fixings
  2. Wide range of finishes, colors, and high-quality materials
  3. Quck installation. Simple readjustment of the installed system.
  4. Equipped for the right glass thickness; adapts itself to various glass thicknesses without changing the intermediate layers
  5. Laminated safety glass with tested dormakaba bonding technique is used for high demands in quality and safety






Create a personal design with surfaces and colors


  1. Elegant form with straight edges and rounded corners
  2. All settings can be made from the front when installed
  3. High-quality materials and meticulous workmanship
  4. No screw disturbs the surface harmony
  5. Collections with many variations and a high level of personal creative leeway


Easy and quick installation


  1. Same glass processing as the preceding UNIVERSAL system; as a result, it can be used in existing systems
  2. Glass thickness can be seamlessly adjusted via the screw system
  3. Multi-dimensional adjustability when installed
  4. Seamless adjustment of pivot, alignment and zero position