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MUTO Basic


MUTO Basic is suitable for timber and glass applications, featuring optional DORMOTION damping, synchro function and a telescopic variant.


  1. Damping DORMOTION – without glass preparation
  2. Suitable for glass and timber solutions
  3. Synchro and telescpic models available
  4. Easy installation and adjustment thanks to removable front cove







Basic convenience



MUTO Basic offers user-friendly options:


  1. Door panel is gently taken to its end position through DORMOTION
  2. Pass through a double-leave door by moving just one of the two panels – thanks to the synchro function


Freedom of planning


MUTO is a multi-talent with an appearance to match:


  1. Suitable for glass and timber solutions
  2. With or without side panels
  3. Single and double panels
  4. For light and heavy doors (50 – 200kg)
  5. Telescopic variant for wide openings with limited space
  6. Choice of surfaces in white, silver, dark niro, special powder-coated or anodized finishes on request
  7. Removable logo clip

Easy installation

MUTO makes installing manual sliding door systems particularly easy:


  1. Access to all relevant functions thanks to removable front cover
  2. Height adjustment at the hanging door panel
  3. DORMOTION damping can be installed without glass preparation
  4. Tested with laminated safety glass


Hassle-free retrofit


With the practical accessory sets, the DORMOTION damping mechanism can be retrofitted as and when required.