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PHM is a motor that can be installed together with a DORMA Panic Hardware.

With PHM installed on the door together with one of DORMA’s Panic Hardware you have now the opportunity of a motorized opening of the latches. This solution opens up new possibilities for the use of panic hardware in combination with automatic door operators and access control. PHM can be installed on the DORMA range of surface mounted panic hardware such as PHB 3105, PHA 2102 and ExitPad.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Can be combined with automatic door operators
  3. Can be combined with the access control
  4. Works with 1, 2 and 3-point locking
  5. High frequent use









Swing door operator:

With the PHM in combination with a swing door operator DORMA solves the problem of opening and holding the latches on the panic hardware before the door operator opens the door leaf. The PHM is powered and controlled directly from the swing door operator similar to how we power and control an electric strike.

Access control:

With the PHM in combination with access control or a simple card reader like the MiniRead, we can offer a solution that controls opening of the panic hardware from the outside. Escape from inside will be unaffected with this solution.


PHM is available in two different models, PHM Standard and PHM External.
PHM Standard is not constructed for combination with external fitting, while PHM External is constructed for combination with external fitting (PHT 03, PHT 05 or PHT07).


The PHM in combination with PHB or PHA installed on the active door leaf, the government requirement that 60% of the door width shall be fitted with panic hardware is met. All the original features of panic hardware is unaffected with this solution. PHM can be connected to the fire signal to the door. When the fire signal is activated PHM release the latches so that the fire requirement on the door latches will be fulfilled.


The PHM motor for panic hardware can be installed while installing a new panic or retrofitted to an existing installation. The unit is mounted in the same holes that is used to mount the panic hardware.


DORMA can provide a small range of spacer plates. The part of the PHM motor that is installed betwwen the door leaf and the panic hardware is 7mm thick. In combination with PHB / PHA or latches there will be a gap between the cover and the door leaf and a difference between the door leaf and the front/back end of the hardware. The spacer plates is deigned to compensate for this difference/gap.


Functional Description

When the PHM is powered with 24V the latches is opened and held in an open position. When the power is removed the latches will be automatically released. The unit is ecuipped with a potential free feedback contact that indicates the status of the latches. The PHM requires no control unit.