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TS 77


The DORMA TS 77 is a basic entry level door closer in a classic yesteryear styled body. An ideal door closer for standard doors when an economical solution is required.


  1. Choise of three strengths
  2. Door widths up to 1100 mm
  3. Non back check & back check models
  4. Optional hold open function
  5. Outstanding value for money






The economic solution for standard doors


DORMA TS 77 Rack-and-pinion door closer with hydraulically fully controlled closing cycle, non-handed, template adjustable for size EN 3 and EN 4.


Quick and easy to install for a variety of door applications


The DORMA TS 77 door closer is very quick and easy to install. With a selection of fixed strengths for various door widths and an optional back check function the hardest task is selecting the right choice of closer model suitable for your budget project.