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1400 mm’ye kadar kanat genişli olan kapılar için, kayar kollu kapı kapatıcı sistemlerinin çok fonksiyonlu yeni versiyonu… Tek kapatıcı gövdesi ile dört farklı montaj alternatifi…


  1. 1 closer body for all 4 fixing positions plus DIN-L/DIN-R installation
  2. 3 different closing ranges 180°-15°; 15°-0°; 7°-0°
  3. All settings can be made conveniently from the front
  4. For door leaf widths of up to 1.400 mm
  5. Backcheck and delayed closing as standard




The new development of our slide channel door closer

The dormakaba TS 98 XEA slide channel door closer features the attractive, high- quality XEA design and is also flexible and easy to install. The closer body with an overall height of just 60 millimetres can be installed in all four fixing positions. Almost noiseless closing is made possible by the additional closing range from 15°–0°. The hydraulic functions and the closing force EN 1–6 can be set conveniently from the front. The selected closing force can be read from a visual indicator. Delayed closing and backcheck are available for all fixing positions. The tried and tested EASY OPEN technology provides barrier-free access. Even in the icy cold at temperatures as low as -40 °C the TS 98 XEA cuts a fine figure.


For the trade


  1. Simplified requirement planning and stock keeping
  2. Suitable offer for almost all applications
  3. Meeting the widest range of user requirements à 1 closer body for all 4 types of installation


For the installer


  1. All functions are always set from the front
  2. The closing force can be regulated using a cordless screwdriver
  3. 1 closer for all 4 types of installation
  4. Closing from 180° door opening (pull-side standard installation)
  5. Visual closing force indicator
  6. Height-adjustable slide channel
  7. Compliance with the normative requirements for preventive fire protection and barrier-free access
  8. With mounting plate, including universal fixing hole pattern and adjustable height, as standard


For the user

  1. Easy opening action and fully controlled closing.
  2. Adjustable hydraulic functions for easy adaptation to each specific door situation.
  3. Almost noiseless closing

For the specifier / architect


  1. High- quality design, winner of multiple awards
  2. New colour options
  3. Universal use facilitates the planning process
  4. Allows the realisation of integrated design concepts across product