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Power Supplies


Power supply units for various TMS escape route components, motor lock controls, SVP/SVZ 6000 locks, electric strikes etc.


  1. Flush- and surace-mounted versions
  2. Emergency power supply units with rechargeable battery packs
  3. Versions with charge control and deep discharge protection
  4. Various ways of mounting







PSU 24 flush-mounted power supply unit


Switching power supply unit for installation in flush-mounted device boxes to supply DORMA electric strikes, locks or control units with direct current.


NT 24 – 1.5 power supply unit


Power supply unit with status indicator, ready for connection to TMS escape route control boards and interfaces or SVP motor lock controls, optionally also available as power supply module without housing.


NT 1224 N emergency power supply unit


Power supply module with charge control, deep discharge protection and potential-free power-fail indicator, mounted in lockable and sabotage-proof sheet steel housing, with AP 3034 rechargeable battery pack ready for use as emergency power supply unit.


USV 700


The uninterruptible power supply unit MT 700 USV supplies DORMA escape route protection systems, motor locks, automatic operators etc. with 700 VA